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Evoke 5mm Wetsuit: Womens


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Our team's view...

  • We are absolutely stunned by the Evoke new wetsuit, made with Infrared Technology that captures the body heat from your own natural movement and reflects it back to your body.
  • Unbelievably easy to don and doff (even in the 7mm version!) due to the super-stretchy neoprene (Thermal Rating A), extra long back and ankle zippers
  • Features Skin-to-skin double glideskin wrist and ankle seals and a double internal sealing zipper flap with spine pad for extra comfort with an anatomical fit that is 2nd to none
  • Yes this suit is expensive but we think worth every penny of the investment - has to be tried to be believed.  Also available in 7mm version here
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    Manufacturer's Description:

    Performance from within
    Introducing Evoke, the warmest dive wetsuit on the planet. The passion that moves you from the inside is what fuels the performance of the suit. Giving you the freedom to keep exploring, as long as adventure calls

    Evoke is made with Celliant® Infrared Technology, which captures the body heat from your own natural movement and reflects that wasted energy back to your body, helping you maintain your warmth and comfort.

    Designed by BARE’s all female design team, Evoke embodies the latest design thinking. Technically, it uses innovative Celliant® Infrared Technology to increase circulation, body warmth and performance, making it the warmest women’s dive wetsuit on the market. Esthetically, the design reflects current yoga and active-wear styles that accentuate and enhance the female form.

    Innovative Celliant® Infrared Technology makes this suit very unique. A combination of Celliant® fabric is used throughout the suit to offer additional warmth where needed - soft high-pile fabric for extra warmth in the bodies core and low-pile fabric in the arms and legs. Together with skin-to-skin sealing from top to bottom, the Evoke is the most the most advanced dive suit in the market delivering unequaled warmth.

    This scientifically proven technology uses 13 thermo-reactive minerals woven into the fabric lining that converts body heat into infrared energy and reflect it back onto the user.

    Medical studies have shown that infrared energy improves the body’s circulation. Increased circulation improves oxygen levels in the body, enabling you to use less energy, improving overall warmth and increasing your time in the water.

    A warm dive is a good dive
    Celliant® Infrared Technology uses 13 thermo-reactive minerals that convert body heat into infrared energy and reflect it back to your body. This improves circulation and temperature regulation, and helps you conserver energy—which means a warmer, more comfortable dive, and more time in the water.

    celliant graphic

    Our bodies are a scientific marvel, able to move, stretch, and flex, constantly adapting to our environment. Our all-female design team created the Evoke wetsuit with this in mind, pulling inspiration from activewear and yoga apparel, which flatter and accentuate the body’s natural form. Thoughtful design details and BARE’s anatomically correct, three-dimensional fit create an easy-on/easy-off suit that gives you the highest level of comfort and mobility available.

    • Velcro® adjustable 360˚neck seal with booklet-style cover to prevent the Velcro® from snagging and pilling the suit
    • Relief zipper at neck for added comfort
    • Contoured 4mm Glideskin collar
    • Extra long 21” G-lock 2 back zipper for easy entry with offset tooth design guards against water entry keeping you warmer
    • Full length puller with silicone print for easy grip; grip tab at base of the zipper
    • Seamless underarms for superior comfort and mobility
    • Skin-to-skin double internal sealing zipper flap guards against water entry. Includes spine pad for extra comfort
    • Anatomically correct pattern for three dimensional fit throughout
    • Armor Flex 2.0 highly flexible durable, abrasion-resistant 3d kneepads
    • Extra long (10”) heavy duty ankle zippers for easy donning

    Evoke is a wetsuit that not only enhances your performance and provides maximum comfort but also looks very different from any other wetsuit on the market. Our all female design team pulled inspiration from current yoga and active wear trends that flatter and accentuate the body. These accents can be seen in the heathered neoprene facing and design lines.

    Thoughtful design enhances the dressing experience with the use of extra long heavy-duty back and ankle zippers for easy on/off and a short neck zip for comfort on the land. Combined with BARE’s anatomically correct pattern for a three dimensional fit, full-stretch neoprene and seamless underarms, Evoke surpasses any suit on the market when it comes to a women’s comfort and mobility.



    Bare Sports Ladies EVOKE 7MM WETSUIT
    Review Part I
    by Nikki - June 2016

    I recently had an opportunity to try on the 7mm Evoke in the shop when Justin Hanning (of Atomic Aquatics, Bare, Zeagle, Stahlsac and Liquivision fame) dropped by to see us.

    It was a VERY hot day in the shop so I wasn't feeling overly keen at the thought of a lengthy struggle into a bone dry, brand new 7mm...particularly with Justin and Mark but a changing room curtain away. (Let's face it, the grunts and groans, huffing and puffing that usually accompany donning a thick suit are just not that dignified!)

    But I'd been waiting to see this product for aaaaaaages and it was supposed to be super-easy to get on - but that's just hype, right? - nothing for it but to give it a go.

    Little Miss Skeptical here was astounded.... 

    All of the hype was lived up to - the super long zippers on the ankles and the long back zip made it incredibly easy to slip on and the full-stretch neoprene was really butter soft.  Best estimate is that I was completely suited in around 30 seconds - and I hadn't had to partake in contortionism worthy of a Cirque du Soleil audition either.

    It was SO easy I couldn't help but think I'd picked the wrong size but the fit was amazing - the best I've personally found and I could definitely feel the reality of the infrared Celliant lining - genuinely gobsmacked.

    I read the few other reviews that are out there - including most helpfully this one here by Kristi Bernot who describes her experinece of Free Diving the 5mm Evoke in 21.5 degrees C/ 71 Farenheit water (thanks for the really helpful review Kristi!).  Also, her reader Carmen's comment at the bottom was very encouraging too.

    Bare claim that this is the "warmest Dive wetsuit on the planet", and reviews seem to backing this up, describing that the 3mm feels more like a 5mm, the 5mm feels more like a 7mm and the 7mm well...who knows?!

    So...I have decided that there is, after all, room in my wardrobe for 1 more wetsuit because I genuinely think this could change my end of/start of season diving forever.  I'm lucky enough to dive the exceptional Aqua Lung Fusion FIT drysuit but if I'm really honest, Dry Suit diving just isn't my favourite.

    If the 7mm can keep me warm, maybe coupled with my Fourth Element Thermocline one piece for the chillier mid-teens temps, I could have a solution that will keep me happy, for longer without reaching for the dry suit.

    I'll be taking the 7mm for a week's diving in 18 - 21 degrees next week in Murcia, Spain and will update with my experiences upon my return but already I am genuinely excited and confident that this IS the suit I've been looking for.

    Check out the full details here:  http://www.oysterdivingshop.com/products/bare-evoke-5mm-wetsuit-womens

    There is also a Men's version which we'll be uploading shortly but in the meantime don't hesitate to drop us a line if you have any questions or want to purchase before its onsite.

    PLEASE NOTE:  The EVOKE is only available in 5mm or 7mm versions in the UK and only the Black/Yellow colourway.

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    Sizing Help

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