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Is this the Warmest Wetsuit on the Planet? Bare EVOKE wetsuit review

Posted on 15 June 2016

Bare Sports Ladies EVOKE 7MM WETSUIT
Review Part I
by Nikki - June 2016

I recently had an opportunity to try on the 7mm Evoke in the shop when Justin Hanning of HUISH Outdoors group fame, (which consists of Atomic Aquatics, BARE, Zeagle, Stahlsac and Liquivision), dropped by to see us.

It was a VERY hot day in the shop so I wasn't feeling overly keen at the thought of a lengthy struggle into a bone dry, brand new 7mm...particularly with Justin and Mark but a changing room curtain away. (Let's face it, the grunts and groans, huffing and puffing that usually accompany donning a thick suit are just not that dignified!)

But I'd been waiting to see this product for aaaaaaages and it was supposed to be super-easy to get on - but that's just hype, right? - nothing for it but to give it a go.

Little Miss Skeptical here was astounded.... 

All of the hype was lived up to - the super long zippers on the ankles and the long back zip made it incredibly easy to slip on and the full-stretch neoprene was really butter soft.  Best estimate is that I was completely suited in around 30 seconds - and I hadn't had to partake in contortionism worthy of a Cirque du Soleil audition either.

10" ankle zippers help make this suit easy to slip into

It was SO easy I couldn't help but think I'd picked the wrong size but the fit was amazing - the best I've personally found.  I'm a relatively regular UK 10 but have struggled previously to find a suit that gives a good fit on thighs without leaving waist area a bit baggy but not today!  The Evoke comes in 10 sizes, from UK 6 to UK 18, with additional Tall versions in the UK 8, 10 and 12.  That sizing range, coupled with the really stretchy neoprene should hopefully mean that diving lasses of most shapes and sizes will be able to achieve a fantastic fit.

Nikki looking pretty chuffed!

I read the few other reviews that are out there - including most helpfully this one here by Kristi Bernot who describes her experience of Free Diving the 5mm Evoke in 21.5 degrees C/ 71 Fahrenheit water (thanks for the really helpful review Kristi!).  Also, her reader Carmen's comment at the bottom was very encouraging too.  

Certainly whilst trying it on I could definitely feel the reality of the infrared Celliant lining - genuinely gobsmacked.


The infrared Celliant lining captures and reflects back the heat energy you generate through movement  

Bare claim that this is the "warmest Dive wetsuit on the planet", and reviews seem to backing this up, describing that the 3mm feels more like a 5mm, the 5mm feels more like a 7mm and the 7mm well...who knows?!

So...I have decided that there is, after all, room in my wardrobe for 1 more wetsuit because I genuinely think this could change my end of/start of season diving forever.  I'm lucky enough to dive the exceptional Aqua Lung Fusion FIT drysuit but if I'm really honest, Dry Suit diving just isn't my favourite.

If the 7mm can keep me warm, maybe coupled with a Fourth Element Thermocline one piece for the chillier mid-teens temps, I could have a solution that will keep me happy, for longer without reaching for the dry suit.

I'll be taking the 7mm for a week's diving in 18 - 21 degrees next week in Murcia, Spain and will update with my experiences upon my return but already I am genuinely excited and confident that this IS the suit I've been looking for.

Check out the full details and manufacturer's specifications here: 



There is also a Men's version which we'll be uploading shortly but in the meantime don't hesitate to drop us a line if you have any questions or want to purchase before its onsite.

PLEASE NOTE:  The EVOKE is only available in 5mm or 7mm versions in the UK and only the Black/Yellow colourway.

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  • Res: January 17, 2017

    Thanks so much for the wonderful review! Follow your review and Kirsti’s of cavedivinginstructor, I bought a 7 mm Evoke and used it for a recent dive trip to Kauai/Kona. Although the water was 75F, I’m always cold, so even in the 7 mm Evoke got cold near the end of the dives and eventually did end up adding a Lavacore long-sleeve with hood which made me not notice the cold, even end of dive. I love the wetsuit for ease of getting on and comfort in the water. Like Cathy, I was hoping this might allow me to do west coast diving without having to use a dry suit, which I find annoying, but I’m not sure it will be warm enough for that…I may try this summer just to give it a go.

  • Cathy: December 14, 2016

    Hi! I am planning for weekly dives in the Puget Sound (around 42-55 degrees all year round), and was wondering if the 7mm Evoke might suffice. I struggle with drysuits and prefer to not have to wear extra weights and feel super restricted. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

  • Nikki - Director, Oyster Diving Shop: September 19, 2016

    Hi Catherine – thanks for your note! In temps ranging between 16 – 21 degrees celsius it was certainly up to the task without being too warm – I didn’t have a need to flush it through at all. Generally I really do feel the cold and I admit that I did, for the cooler end of those temps, pop my Fourth Element Thermocline on underneath.
    One thing I did really love was that because it was SO quick to get on I wasn’t struggling with it for several mins in the heat and could also leave it to last minute to kit up…both which really helped from an overheating perspective.
    I’m heading back out to Spain to dive it again on Friday so I PROMISE to give a proper follow up blog post as soon as I’m back having tried it in a different set of conditions again!
    Feel free to ping me on info@oysterdivingshop.com if you’ve got any specific questions – I’d be glad to help!

  • Catherine : September 18, 2016

    I’m very curious about your experiences with this suit in Spain. I’ m thinking about buying this 7mm suit and am especially interested if the suit isn’t keeping you too warm when diving in the mediterrenean :)

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